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GrainPro Storage and Transport Products have been Certified for Organic Use

GrainPro SuperGrainbag III™

GrainPro SuperGrainbag III (SGB III) is a water-resistant and gastight storage solution for a vast range of dry agricultural commodities. It is used as an inner liner for jute bags and ordinary sacks.

SGB III is made of multilayer polyethylene (PE), has a two- track zipper and sealed using a zipper slider. It can store commodities for prolonged periods without the risks of moisture ingress, pest infestation and fungal growth. This eco-friendly and pesticide-free product preserves the quality and germination capacity of stored grains.

Applicable for commodities as:
- Coffee (green, parchment)
- Corn, (including moist corn-maize)
- Paddy
- Milled rice (brown and white)
- Sorghum
- Millet
- Soybeans
- All types of Seeds
- Wheat
- Cocoa
- Beans, Peas, Lentils

SGB III in protective bag
SuperGrainbag III Material Specifications
  • Usable temperature range: 95°C to minus 18°C
  • No inherent curling
  • May be surface-printed up to 6 colors
  • Outstanding strength
  • Excellent sealability
    Parameters SGB III - 50 x 80 SGB III - 72 x 100 SGB III XL 75 x 130
    "by special order"
    Material Multilayer PE Multilayer PE Multilayer PE
    Thickness 78 µm 78 µm 78 µm
    Dimension 50 cm x 80 cm 72 cm x 100 cm 75 cm x 130 cm
    Color Light Green Light Green Light Green
    Material Weight 73 g/m2
    73 g/m2 73 g/m2
    Oxygen Transmission Rate 4.28 cc/m2 per day 4.28 cc/m2 per day 4.28 cc/m2 per day
    Water Vapor 2.14 g/cm2/day 2.14 g/cm2/day 2.14 g/cm2/day


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