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GrainPro Storage and Transport Products have been Certified for Organic Use

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GrainPro Solar Bubble Dryer (SBD)™

A Green Drying Technology

SBD50-Solar uses purely solar energy to dry agricultural commodities.
Drying is the first step in preserving the quality of agricultural commodities. Immediate drying of grains and seeds to the correct moisture content (MC) is an effective post-harvest practice that stops fungal growth and infestation.

Sun-drying or solar-drying is the most commonly-used method in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. The process is simple and relies on free solar energy. Its reliability, however, is dependent on weather conditions. Climate change makes weather very unpredictable. Intermittent rains can result in re-wetted grains, while direct sun-drying exposes commodities to excessive heat. This leads to damaged commodities and economic losses for farmers.

To address these problems, GrainPro™ introduces the Solar Bubble Dryer™ (SBD): a modern drying innovation to mitigate the effects of unpredictable weather. SBD was developed in close collaboration with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the University of Hohenheim (UOH) Germany.

The SBD is designed to safely dry agricultural commodities. A transparent polyethylene (LDPE) cover with UV and water resistant properties safeguard the commodities against sudden rains and the harmful effects of UV-rays. The transparent cover acts like a bubble that traps solar radiation and heats up the commodity being dried. Moisture is then vaporized and pushed out by ventilators (which also maintain the shape of the bubble).

The drying floor is made of a proprietary water-tight material to prevent water permeation from below. The top cover and the drying floor are joined together by heavy-duty zippers.

The SBD can dry grains and seeds at an average drying rate of 1% MC per two (2) hours (for paddy and corn). During sunny weather conditions, the drying rate could be twice accelerated in the SBD compared to sun- drying.

The SBD comes in two (2) models. The SBD50-Solar comes with solar panels and relies on purely solar power to run the ventilators. It also comes with a charge controller to re-charge the battery (sold separately). Alternatively, the SBD50-Electric uses electricity from the grid.

 • Safe drying solution designed to mitigate the effects of climate change
 • Multi-crop dryer for various agricultural commodities such as paddy, corn, coffee, and others
 • Provides protection to commodities against rain and UV-rays
 • Prevents grain losses by keeping commodities confined
 • Collapsible materials and detachable components make it easy to transport and assemble on any flat surface
 • Can be operated on purely solar or by electric power
 • Equipped with a tube mixer and a reliable back up rake for mixing
Grains mixing using the rake with its handle through a telescopic port at the zipper. Mixing with the tube mixer pulled underneath the drying floor.

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