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GrainPro Storage and Transport Products have been Certified for Organic Use

GrainPro Collapsible Dryer Case II™

GrainPro Collapsible Dryer Case II (CDC II) is a low-cost solution for safe, effective and convenient drying of a vast range of agricultural commodities. It eliminates the need for fuel and electricity as it uses solar energy, which is the simplest and most economical drying method. It also allows grain drying on almost any flat surface.

CDC II is easy to repair, maintain and transport since it is made of woven coated polyethylene (PE), which is twice stronger than ordinary tarpaulin and twice lighter than reinforced PVC. Easy to install and operate with inflatable tubing that serves as a retaining wall using a foot pump.

In case of anticipated rain or during the night, the CDC II can be covered instantly using the pulling straps. The flap makes the case water resistant, protecting commodities from moisture re-adsorption. CDC II dries agricultural commodities with minimum losses through reduced spillage and without additional operational costs.

• Enables drying of grains on most flat surfaces
• Fast and easy to install by inflating the sidewalls
• No need for fuel or electricity
• Reduces loss through spillage
• Conveniently and quickly closes using the pulling straps, heavy duty zipper, and flap cover in case of rain
• Lightweight and easy to transport
• Easy to remain and maintain

Parts of the Collapsible Dryer Case II

Parameters CDC II - 25 CDC II - 44 CDC II - 75
Material Woven Coated PE Woven Coated PE Woven Coated PE
Thickness 0.50 mm ± 0.05 mm 0.50 mm ± 0.05 mm 0.50 mm ± 0.05 mm
Dimensions 8.95 m x 2.8 m 15.75 m x 2.8 m 13.05 m x 5.75 m
Color Black Black Black
Material Weight 320 g/m2 320 g/m2 320 g/m2
Drying Area 25 m2 44 m2 75 m2
Packed Weight 16 kg 27 kg 36 kg
Packed Volume 1.05 m x 0.85 m x 0.05 m 1.05 m x 0.85 m x 0.09 m 1.05 m x 0.85 m x 0.15 m
Capacity 50 kg bag 10 bags 18 bags 31 bags

Installed CDC II

Inflating the PE Tube using footpump

Inflated PE Tube

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