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GrainPro is a global, social impact company dedicated to building a world without hunger and poverty through the safe post-harvest handling of crops.

Dedicated to continually having a beneficial impact on food production and distribution, GrainPro has stayed true to its mission to:

  • Improve the quality of life of farmers and their families;
  • Contribute to better quality, safe, and more nutritious food;
  • Help communities, companies, and consumers to reduce food losses.

With these goals at the heart of GrainPro’s operations, GrainPro has come a long way and continues to create better and climate-resilient solutions for food producers and consumers alike.



In developing post-harvest solutions that aim to reduce food losses, GrainPro has continuously improved the lives of millions of people globally with the recent total:


391,698,833 Kg

Lifetime Crops Saved


50,544 Kg

Lifetime Phosphine Prevented


$ 117,509,650

Lifetime Value Saved






Farmers Served


Farmers in Latin America


Farmers in Africa


Farmers in Asia

In 2023 alone


7,581,158 Kg

Crops Saved


917 Kg

Phosphine Prevented


$ 2,274,347

Value Saved






Farmers Served


Farmers in Latin America


Farmers in Africa


Farmers in Asia


Hunger, however, continues to affect millions of people, including children, in every part of the world, every single day.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations:


While some regions in Asia and Latin America have seen a decline in hunger levels, the combined impacts of climate change, ongoing conflicts, economic fallout, and other contributing factors have prevented any significant progress toward achieving our goal, keeping us far behind our target of reaching zero hunger by 2030.

As a result, the overall hunger level has remained relatively unchanged since 2021, with rising hunger levels in Western Asia, the Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

In Africa, a significantly higher proportion of its population experiences hunger than in other regions. Nearly 20% of the African population faces hunger, affecting one in five people — more than twice the global average.

Despite slight improvements, hunger is still prevalent in Latin America and the Caribbean, where 6.5% of the population, equivalent to approximately 43.2 million people, still endure the challenges of hunger.

Similarly, in Asia, millions continue to experience severe food insecurity, with as many as 370 million undernourished individuals.

Despite significant progress made, millions still suffer from hunger, and a significant portion of them are smallholder farmers. Equipping them with the right tools can empower them to play a key role in reshaping our food systems and enhancing accessibility.



Each year, around 13.2% of food never makes it to those in need, leading to widespread hunger, malnutrition, and poverty that disproportionately impact the world's poorest people.

With hunger affecting around 1 in 10 people globally, preventing food loss and waste is a critical step to achieving food security and increasing efficiency.

By providing climate-smart and sustainable post-harvest solutions, GrainPro’s efforts to lessen food losses down to 1% have led to the prevention of a total of 7,657,735 kilograms of crop losses in 2023. GrainPro also remains committed to consistently delivering better post-harvest solutions and impacting five of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

sustainable development goals illustration
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Poverty is a result of various factors, including but not limited to unemployment, social issues, and vulnerability to disasters and circumstances that affect productivity. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant setback to the momentum of reducing poverty. According to the United Nations, around 575 million people worldwide could experience extreme poverty by 2030 if these patterns persist.

Smallholder farmers are among the vulnerable population, especially in emerging economies like the Philippines. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the poverty incidence of farmers in the country, while improving throughout the years, remains at 30%. Filipino farmers also face further challenges, from climate change and natural disasters to lack of capital, post-harvest facilities, and innovation.

With history as inspiration, Kalsada Coffee seeks to bring back the glory of Philippine coffee. This endeavor, however, has its many challenges. With decreasing prices and only one annual harvest season, coffee can be a financial risk for local farmers compared to other competitive cash crops and vegetables.

Despite this fact, Carmel Laurino and Tere Domine founded Kalsada Coffee and introduced farmers to proper coffee processing and storage methods, such as using GrainPro Hermetic Bags. Continuously working and learning together, Kalsada not only helped the farmers become experts in their field and provide stability but also formed a partnership that goes beyond business — A family.

Kalsada Coffee now works with 200 farmers from four locations around the Philippines and has earned its place amongst the best, with US-based Blue Bottle Coffee releasing its first Philippine set last February 2023. In the future, Kalsada Coffee also hopes to inspire younger members to continue on this coffee journey.

I think the more pressing goal for Kalsada is to encourage a lot of younger farmers to stay in the agriculture business and see that there's really a future and profitability in farming, especially in coffee.

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Since 2015, the number of people experiencing hunger and food insecurity has been rising as the pandemic, climate change, inequalities, and conflicts worsen the situation. Achieving zero hunger requires urgent coordinated action and policy solutions to transform food systems and mitigate the impact of the challenges, more so with more than 600 million people worldwide projected to still face hunger in 2030.

Numbers speak volumes, and Food 4 Farmers works to identify the root causes of this problem and develop solutions to address food security in Latin American coffee-growing communities. As a mission-based organization, Food 4 Farmers centers their approach on sustainable partnerships with organizations and local cooperatives, aiming to give farmers more choices and control over how they want to become more food-secured.

Food 4 Farmers and GrainPro have formed a strategic partnership since 2021. With Food 4 Farmers’ focus on pre-harvest and GrainPro’s support and post-harvest solutions, this collaboration hopes to bring more opportunities to rural communities so smallholder farmers can feed the world — and their families.

Partnering with GrainPro, whose mission is so closely aligned with our own, and whose work on the ground has already reached a huge number of farming families, is an incredibly exciting prospect for Food 4 Farmers.

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Gender equality is a fundamental human right and a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world. Even as the world is not on track to achieve gender equality by 2030, there has been progress over the last decades.

A global organization with sustainability at its core, GrainPro believes that the company's continuous growth is possible by empowering all employees with equal opportunities for growth, development, and success, regardless of gender, race, and culture,

GrainPro currently employs capable and hardworking individuals from various cultures and countries across the globe. The company also welcomes everyone who wants to work hand-in-hand to achieve a more food-secure tomorrow.

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Cooperation on sustainable consumption and production has continuously increased and inspired transformative policies across the globe. In 2022, the international community has also adopted agreements that highlight the shift toward a more sustainable and circular approach to consumption and production, including the Sharm el-Sheikh Implementation Plan, the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, and the United Nations Environment Assembly resolution 5/14 on ending plastic pollution.

As sustainable consumption and production are vital in accelerating plans of Sustainable Development Goals and recovery from the pandemic, GrainPro’s contribution extends from preventing post-harvest losses through adaptable and energy-efficient solutions to multiple partnerships that promote sustainability through recycling and access to better waste management.

In 2023, GrainPro and Neumann Gruppe USA established a partnership to reduce the environmental footprint of coffee communities across the United States. In collaboration with Continental Terminals, recycling becomes more accessible as US-based roasters can now send their used GrainPro Hermetic Bags and other liners to the closest collection point via their preferred delivery service.

The GrainPro and Neumann Gruppe USA partnership has recorded an estimated total of 5,842 collected bags since its recent launch in August of 2023. The partnership also hopes to collect more and expand this sustainable initiative across Europe in the future.

Furthermore, GrainPro and Gargeon also formed a strategic partnership to modernize waste management in Malaysia. Since its founding in 2017, Gargeon has revolutionized the industry through cloud-based technologies and platforms, connecting clients and affiliated haulers for more efficient, transparent, and sustainable operations from segregation to collection. Collected items are transported to appropriate facilities for processing, creating new products from recycled materials.

Gargeon aims to be a global leader in the field, and so continues to grow and improve by developing new and more accessible technologies and working with similar-minded companies towards the same sustainable goals. Together with GrainPro, the partnership extends the reach of their initiatives and offers more individuals the opportunity to recycle used solutions, including the TranSafeliner™, and participate in the global sustainability movement.

Since the launch in April of 2023, the project has collected an estimated total of 3,631 TranSafeliner™ units with a net weight of 32,678 kg

Learn more: GrainPro partners with GarGeon to Modernize Waste Management

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states that over a century of unsustainable human activities have caused global warming of 1.1°C above pre-industrial levels. With the rising sea levels threatening Pacific islands to extreme droughts affecting many emerging regions in Africa, vulnerable countries are more often disproportionately affected despite lesser contributions to climate change.

The impacts of climate change have led to an increased dialogue on the need for sustainable food systems leading to food being a key tenet in the recently concluded COP28 as well as the WEF 24. GrainPro is contributing meaningfully to this discourse by building smallholder farmer resilience to withstand climate change shock and thereby reducing incidences of extreme hunger when they can store food safely for consumption.

With the world experiencing more frequent and severe weather conditions, it is crucial to go beyond plans and take urgent and transformative actions toward climate-resilient development. Climate action is integral for the survival of many countries, such as Colombia — wherein climate change can severely impact 14% of the GDP corresponding to agriculture.

A certified B-corporation that started in Bogotá, Fibtex provides packaging solutions tailored to customers’ needs. This mission led to a long-term collaboration with GrainPro, making hermetic solutions more accessible to local smallholder farmers and agribusinesses for cocoa and coffee.

Fibtex also works to positively and sustainably impact nature alongside giving farmers post-harvest security. Working mainly with non-biodegradable products, a recycling program was developed to collect used solutions for reprocessing and reuse. This program has since collected 35 metric tons and produced food-grade big bags made of 50% recycled materials, supporting a more circular economy.

Going further with sustainability efforts, Fibtex aims to neutralize its emissions and be carbon-positive by 2030. The company launched its reforestation program in 2020 and has already planted 15,000 native trees in the reserves of El Ampara.

We measure our social and environmental impact and commit ourselves personally, institutionally, and legally to make decisions considering the long-term consequences of our activities on the community and the environment.

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GrainPro’s future actions are all guided by its dedication to sustainability. From material development to logistical processes, GrainPro is and will continue to be guided by 5 Core C’s:

  • Collection & Recycling

    The aim is to set-up collection and recycling points in every country we work in. This is being started and will continue to be one of GrainPro’s priorities.

  • Compostability

    By developing compostable solutions, GrainPro can promote environmentally friendly solutions without compromising the quality of stored commodities.

  • Create

    Creating new solutions or redesigning existing ones to more sustainable versions is an important future step for GrainPro.

  • Circularity

    Closing the loop by strengthening the traceability and reusability of GrainPro solutions can help reduce environmental impact.

  • Carbon Footprint

    GrainPro is focused on gathering data related to its carbon footprint so that effective endeavors to reduce and offset carbon emissions can be done.

These 5 Core C’s are also strengthened by 3 Support C’s:

  • Climate-smart
    Having climate-smart solutions and manufacturing processes can help mitigate the effects of climate change on communities as well as GrainPro itself.
  • Communication
    GrainPro always strives to be transparent in its communications and reachable through all its platforms.
  • Certification
    GrainPro has taken the necessary steps to secure certification from trustworthy bodies that can help showcase its dedication to sustainability now and in the future.