GrainPro partners with GarGeon
to Modernize Waste Management in Malaysia


GarGeon LogoGarGeon, a Malaysia-based pioneering technology company, is leading the modernization of the waste management industry with its cutting-edge and sustainable solutions since its founding in 2017. Drawing inspiration from their grandmother’s unwavering commitment to recycling, the founders of GarGeon have leveraged cloud-based technologies to revolutionize waste management practices toward better efficiency, transparency, and traceability.


Sustainability is at the core of GarGeon’s mission of creating an infrastructure to address the root causes of the global waste problem. The company diverts significant amounts from landfills by utilizing a digital platform for waste management and recycling. This accessible innovation gives businesses of any scale an opportunity to streamline their operations sustainably.



GarGeon's waste management platform connects clients with affiliated waste haulers, providing real-time data and analytics on waste generation, diversion, and costs. This system enables a seamless and efficient process from waste segregation to collection. The collected items are transported to appropriate facilities for processing, creating new products from various materials, including paper, plastics, metals, wood, and other compostable items. 


Similarly forward-thinking, GarGeon has a client base of over 150 organizations and 20 general waste and recycling partners. The company serves diverse industries, including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare, seeking to align with sustainability goals and reduce environmental impacts. Furthermore, GarGeon solidifies its position as a leader in Malaysia's digital waste management revolution with its expansion from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur and Penang.


This unwavering dedication to sustainability and innovation sets GarGeon apart in the industry. As a forefront in waste management, the company will continue to grow and improve as it aims to be a global leader of this field, developing new and accessible technologies and collaborating with similar companies working toward the same goals.


As a global company specializing in developing solutions to achieve food security, GrainPro with GarGeon formed a strategic partnership to promote sustainability and optimize waste management. This collaboration aims to extend the reach of their initiatives and offer more individuals the opportunity to recycle used solutions and participate in the global sustainability movement.


This partnership is undeniably only one of the steps towards sustainability. However, with dedication and commitment, you can join GarGeon and GrainPro in building a foundation toward a cleaner and more foodful future.