GrainPro is a world-leading innovator in developing and providing hermetic post-harvest solutions for storing, drying, and transporting dry agricultural commodities. GrainPro is committed to creating solutions that support sustainable organic trade, preserve food quality, and promote climate-smart agriculture. To help reduce food loss and global hunger, GrainPro is dedicated to providing better post-harvest solutions for businesses big and small, from smallholder farmers to global trading companies.

GrainPro’s steadfast belief in creating a foodful future guides its actions to continue positively impacting communities worldwide.

The Challenge

Around 828 Million people still face hunger in the world today.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, every year:

14% of food is lost between harvest and retail

17% of food is wasted on retail and consumer level

400 Billion USD is the total value of food loss and waste.

In Africa, the value of lost food exceeds the annual value of grain imports, according to Amir Mahmoud Abdulla, Deputy Executive Director at the World Food Programme (WFP).

These food losses exacerbate food insecurity and affect the environment by wasting precious land, water, farming inputs, and energy to produce food that is not eventually eaten.

Reducing food loss and waste is a significant lever for improving our food systems toward achieving food security, food safety, quality, and sustainability, and increasing efficiency.

This is what GrainPro® hopes to achieve by impacting five of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


End poverty in all its forms everywhere.


End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.


Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.


Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.


Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Since its founding, GrainPro® has aimed to reduce post-harvest losses around the world. Now, the challenge has evolved towards helping fulfill these SGDs by mainstreaming sustainable practices in the agricultural sector. GrainPro® believes that sustainable post-harvest system management could be achieved through partnerships and cooperation, bringing us one step closer to seeing a cleaner, more equal, and hunger-free world.

End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

US$ 19,971,308
Lifetime Value Saved

Beneficiaries Served

Farmers Served

2022 Statistics

584, 349
Farmers in Africa

534, 027
Farmers in Asia

40, 895
Farmers in Latin America

Statistics from 2019-2022

The UN reports that more than 4 years of progress in the fight against poverty has been undermined due to COVID-19.

Despite this tremendous challenge, GrainPro® has continued to make significant impacts on farmers and their communities across the globe.

Among these are smallholder farmers, who account for 85% of the world’s farm operations. Through the development of post-harvest solutions, GrainPro® has improved the livelihoods of many smallholder farmers previously vulnerable to losses due to the lack of proper storage, pest infestations, and unpredictable circumstances. With these issues addressed, farmers can invest in their equipment and inputs for the next harvest, as well as allocate funds for the education and health of their families.

GrainPro® believes that education is an important stepping stone to ending poverty and is active in reaching out to communities, providing educational seminars and workshops on how to achieve better post-harvest management.
"Whenever there is hunger or drought, you can save your grain."

Agriculture is the livelihood of 80% of the people in Kenya, and yet one in three Kenyan people face food insecurity. With the growing population gradually lessening the room to raise food, every kernel of grain matters more and more.

As a Kenyan farmer and GrainPro associate, Geoffrey Krop Toung'ole knows for a fact that preventing post-harvest losses is critical to a farmer's success and the country's ability to feed its people. With the right post-harvest solutions, farmers would be able to secure their harvest and in turn, they would have more to sell when the markets are better.

Albeit unexpected, Geoffrey was inspired by GrainPro after witnessing how its hermetic technology helped Kenyan farmers safely store their grains from moisture and insects without using chemicals. Having found a promising opportunity to change lives for the better, he joined the GrainPro team and has since made significant impacts on lessening food losses while improving the livelihoods of his community through his knowledge of better post-harvest solutions.


End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture

25,139,508 KG

Total Crop Saved in 2022

According to the UN, about 1 in 10 people worldwide suffer from hunger. Recent global issues such as conflict, COVID-19, and the worsening effects of climate change continue to exacerbate hunger worldwide, especially in developing countries. So together with dedicated partners and collaborations, GrainPro® constantly aims to build a meaningful impact on food production by helping improve post-harvest systems.

Traditional Post-Harvest Practices

On average, smallholder farmers lose 25% of their crops due to various factors (weather and climate, poor storage conditions, etc.) with traditional post-harvest practices. This puts smallholder farmers in extremely vulnerable situations, especially since they are estimated to make up half of the hungry worldwide.

GrainPro® Post-Harvest Solutions

The total amount of post-harvest losses is lessened to only 1% with GrainPro® post-harvest solutions compared to traditional practices. Thus, families and communities supported by smallholder farmers who use hermetic storage are uplifted through increased incomes from reduced losses as well as preserved nutritional value in their food supply. Food security in developing countries is an important factor in achieving stability, better health, and a good quality of life. Long–term food storage needs to preserve both the quality and quantity of food crops while keeping operational and maintenance costs at a minimum. This is why GrainPro® aims to partner with NGOs, governments, and international bodies to make proper post-harvest storage accessible to all.
“It’s committed partners like the people at GrainPro, who are working to make positive change, that will make a difference for coffee farmers and their communities.”

Food 4 Farmers, a mission-based organization, aims to find a solution to food insecurity among Latin American farmers and has partnered with GrainPro to do so. With the approach and success centered on committed partnerships, Food 4 Farmers also works with multiple coffee cooperatives and community-based organizations to sustainably strengthen food systems.

In partnership with SOPPEXCCA coffee cooperative in Nicaragua, the initiative helped create an organic market run by women farmers. What started from home gardens and business training has led to giving a community better livelihoods and access to fresh organic produce.


Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

GrainPro® recognizes the importance of equality and diversity within its ranks and is committed to total transparency and continuous improvement of the employee experience.

Currently, GrainPro® employs and connects amazing individuals from various cultures and countries across the globe.

As a company dedicated to sustainable and fair practices, GrainPro® aims to empower all its employees by providing everyone equal opportunities for growth, development, and success. GrainPro® believes that the company's continuous growth is possible through open communication, collaboration, and effort regardless of gender, race, or culture. Thus, GrainPro® welcomes everyone who wants to work hand-in-hand to achieve a more food-secure tomorrow.



Story: Statement from Hazel Valera, COO of GrainPro Global Support and Production

"I was entrusted with critical and challenging tasks, and I welcomed them because the company valued my input. I am treated with respect and my voice is being heard.”

Hazel Valera, Chief Operating Officer of GrainPro Global Support and Production, is a core part of GrainPro since 2007 and a testament to the company’s dedication to achieving gender equality and inclusivity. As a female leader in manufacturing, one of the least gender-diverse industries, she focused on developing initiatives to ensure a positive work environment that values all employees instead of dwelling on differences in numbers. Regardless of gender and orientation, she believes everyone has the right to be included, involved, and successful.

“We believe that employees are at their best when they feel included. When people are included, their worth is recognized and respected.”

With years of experience working in a global company, she knows that encountering challenges is inevitable. Thus, she also advocates inclusivity by developing strategies according to the strengths and concerns of each region. She believes that building inclusivity cannot be limited to a single department, and includes everyone to also play a part in creating a positive environment and a foodful future.

“Operating globally with different cultures, ages, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. is never easy. But, over the years we have proven that we can be better working together.”


Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

3,733 KG

Total Amount of Phosphine Prevented in 2022

Since 1992, GrainPro® has been dedicated to reducing world hunger and poverty through sustainable, environment-friendly, and climate-smart post-harvest solutions that are accessible to all farmers. The aim is to aid in achieving food security by protecting against post-harvest losses and preserving the nutritional quality of crops while lessening the use of harmful chemicals, such as phosphine.

Aside from helping farmers achieve sustainable post-harvest agriculture, GrainPro is also committed to eliminating wasteful production practices within its manufacturing operations. The launching of an in-house recycling station at its main production facility has helped recycle a portion of the bags that did not pass rigorous quality inspections.
Aligned with the commitment to reducing waste and promoting responsible consumption, GrainPro also aims to give end-users the means to achieve a more sustainable business. Thus, GrainPro has partnered with US-based companies Terracycle and The GreenRoom Inc. to help with the collection and recycling of used GrainPro solutions.
With the mission of Eliminating the Idea of Waste®, Terracycle develops the first solutions for recycling until reuse through collaboration and innovation. This dedicated effort of keeping the trash out of landfills and incineration ensures that our environment is cleaner and safer. Working with GrainPro, Terracycle has specifically designed recycling boxes for GrainPro bags and has recycled a total of 28,000 bags so far.
Since 2017, GrainPro and The GreenRoom Inc. have also managed to recycle 120,000 of bags. This collaborative work continues to help roasters and baristas by collecting and recycling their used GrainPro bags. As a warehousing provider, The GreenRoom Inc. also offers expertise in handling and storing green coffee as well as creative solutions to the needs of its clients.



Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts



GrainPro’s hermetic solutions are helping smallholder farmers protect their crops from the worsening effects of climate change. Major flooding and sudden rains are imminent threats to stored crops, but with the help of hermetic storage, post-harvest losses can be avoided.

Farmers can also safely conduct insect control amidst increasing pest activity due to warmer temperatures. By using chemical-free storage, the application of harmful pesticides to stored crops can be completely eliminated.

On the other hand, agricultural impact on climate change also exists. According to a report by the UN Climate & Clean Air Coalition, food loss and waste that ends up in landfills emit methane gas that contributes to global warming. Reducing food loss and waste helps lessen the effects of climate change, starting with proper storage and handling of food during post-harvest.
“We are made of corn. It is our most important cultural element.”

Every year, more than 27 million tons of corn are produced in the home of corn – Mexico. Among the key products of corn, tortillas have been enjoyed in the country for hundreds of years. Even so, tortilla consumption had dropped to nearly 45% over the past generations.

As someone who sees stories behind numbers, Rafael Mier saw that the statistics not only affect the economy but also tradition and history. He then started advocating for corn and tortillas and founded Fundacion Tortilla to promote and improve the culture of corn in Mexico. While leading workshops and courses with audiences of farmers and chefs, he also promoted the health benefits of tortillas made without preservatives.

However, Rafael soon realized the difficulty of preserving corn in the hot and humid climate. He also encountered farmers who lost their stored corn to moths and weevils. The overall fact that Mexico loses crops after harvest made him look for more options to preserve more grains.

During this dedicated journey, he discovered GrainPro's hermetic solutions which sustainably preserved kernels without any chemicals. Now just as how GrainPro preserves corn, Rafael continues to preserve tradition by helping people re-appreciate an ingredient key to their food and their foundation.

Together, For a Foodful Future

With conviction, compassion, and collaboration, GrainPro® believes that sustainably building a food-secure world is possible. Improving the lives of smallholder farmers and their communities can be achieved through dedication and innovation using better post-harvest systems.