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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Post-harvest Hermetic Technology


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A Low-Cost Solution for Seed Storage to Extend Germination Life and Vigor

Using certified quality seeds is the best option. However, when the alternative is to revert to seed saving, farmers can benefit from using the GrainPro Hermetic Bags. It can maintain seed quality in germination and vigor to improve yields and prevent losses which means more seeds to be used for the farmer.


Hope for Smallholder Farmers in Adapting Climate-Smart Agriculture

Smallholder farmers are one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to the effects of climate change. New technologies and techniques must be adopted by governments and farming communities to keep up with changing times.


Why We Need Climate-Smart Agriculture

What we need now and in the future are climate-smart solutions that can aid in the transformation of sustainable agri-food systems and assist farmers in building resilience and adapting to changing climates.


Sustainability in Climate-Smart Post-Harvest Agriculture

Learn how GrainPro's climate-smart post-harvest solutions can help farmers build resilience and improve productivity.


Combating Global Food Insecurity Amid Adversities

Food insecurity has been and continues to be a global issue, made worse by the current pandemic. To address this, technology and innovation must be used.


Suez Canal Blockage: How to Protect Commodities in Transit

The Suez Canal blockage highlights how unpredictable transoceanic journeys can be. It's important to ensure that your commodities reach their destination without putting them at risk of quality degradation.


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