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GrainPro Bubble Dryer

A tunnel-type dryer that takes advantage of solar radiation and ambient air to dry commodities.


GrainPro Collapsible Dryer Case

An affordable, portable case for safe and convenient drying of various agricultural commodities.


GrainPro Cocoon

A flood-protected, chemical-free, and Ultra-Hermetic storage solution designed to safely store commodities.


GrainPro Cocoon Lite

The GrainPro Cocoon Lite™ is a lighter and more affordable version of our trusted PVC Cocoons.


GrainPro Cocoon Indoor

A low-cost Ultra-Hermetic Cocoon for indoor storage that has all the gastight advantages of the Cocoon


GrainPro Cocoon Cargo

An Ultra-Hermetic solution that eliminates the risk of insect infestation that usually occurs before...


GrainPro Grainsafe Bag

A portable Ultra-Hermetic storage system for dry commodities and it's used for bagged grains and seeds


GrainPro Sample Bag

A resealable bag with a capacity of approximately up to 850 & 500 grams for green or roasted coffee samples


GrainPro Bag Zipper

Your primary Ultra-Hermetic solution for the safe storage of dry agricultural commodities.


GrainPro Bag Twist & Tie

Your primary Ultra-Hermetic solution for the safe storage of dry agricultural commodities.


GrainPro Bag Farm

A low cost Ultra-Hermetic bag lining solution developed primarily for smallholder farmers.


GrainPro FIBC Hermetic Liner

An Ultra-Hermetic solution for the safe and protected transport of dry agricultural commodities.


GrainPro FIBC Hermetic Pouch

It's a simple yet might solutions for commodities at risk of moisture and insect damage


GrainPro TranSafeliner

Protects and preserves the quality of dry commodities shipped in bags or in pallets inside a shipping container.


GrainPro TranSafeliner Bulk

Protects and preserves the quality of bulk or lose grains during transport inside shipping containers.


GrainPro Moisture Meter

Guides users into determining whether the crop is already at the right moisture content for storage and processing.


Oxygen Absorber Pack

Eliminates oxygen inside GrainPro storage unit and can be used in all types of Ultra-Hermetic storage units


GrainPro & IRRI Rice Quality Test Kit

A set of tools designed and curated to determine the quality of paddy, brown rice, milled rice, and seeds.


GrainPro Bag Forte

A stand-alone bag that doesn’t require an outer jute or woven polypropylene bag. Made from high-strength PE, this Ultra-Hermetic solution…


GrainPro Oxygen Analyzer

Capable of measuring oxygen levels within 0 to 21% range