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Jordan Dey to present at the Food Security Symposium hosted by the WFP and the Egyptian Government


Climate change is an ever-present issue that contributes to global food insecurity through the food losses brought by the ill effects of severe and erratic weather conditions. In developing countries, this issue severely affects the livelihoods of smallholder farmers by reducing crop yields and post-harvest damages.


As the leading expert in post-harvest handling and storage solutions, GrainPro has been committed to developing and manufacturing sustainable hermetic and climate-smart post-harvest solutions to assist farmers in building and improving resilience to the harmful effects of climate change.


By incorporating these solutions and new technologies, farmers can protect their harvests and livelihoods from various factors including climate change. This will allow them to maintain the optimum quality of their crops and transition from conventional methods to a more sustainable and climate-resilient post-harvest process that can effectively reduce and prevent food losses, increasing their yield and income.


GrainPro has positively impacted the grain, coffee, and cocoa sectors through organic, chemical-free procedures in storing, drying, and transporting agricultural commodities through numerous partnerships in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


Through the years these solutions have assisted customers ranging from the world’s largest commodities traders to smallholder farmers in preserving their valuable commodities — high-value crops, staple grains, and seeds — that will help in achieving better, more sustainable post-harvest management systems and ultimately help with global issues such as climate change, poverty, and food security.


Headed by a diverse senior management team who are all staunch advocates of global food security, GrainPro is led by CEO Jordan Dey who has extensive experience working with international and governmental organizations. Before joining GrainPro, Dey was a senior official within the UN World Food Program ultimately leading the US operation. Previously, he served as Senior Advisor to the US Ambassador to the United Nations at the State Department, spearheading efforts to improve the lives of refugees and internally displaced persons.


With this, GrainPro is pleased to announce that Jordan Dey, CEO and President of GrainPro Inc., will share his expertise and present to key stakeholders and attendees at the Food Security Symposium hosted by the World Food Programme and the Egyptian Government. A platform through which all the inputs from speakers and attendees will be shared with the Government of Egypt ahead of the UNFCCC’s COP27 — a Climate Change Conference to be held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt in November of this year.


At the symposium, Dey will discuss how GrainPro’s technology can play a crucial role in post-harvest solutions, protecting communities from food losses, and opening up opportunities for food security. GrainPro's solutions have impacted the lives of many people by prioritizing customers' needs and addressing issues that will benefit food production and distribution through partnerships with government agri-agencies, local and international NGOs, private trading companies, small and medium enterprises, and others.



The event will take place in Cairo, Egypt from September 28-29, 2022 to convene and help build bridges between innovators and stakeholders. Participants, including various governments, private sector leaders, investors, startups, and international agencies, will have the opportunity to share perspectives and good practices and form new partnerships to help each other grow sustainably. This will also address issues affecting global food security, such as climate change, water scarcity, demographic change, commodity crises, and economic volatility to help vulnerable communities that have been severely impacted.

For more information about GrainPro’s sustainable hermetic solutions, visit www.grainpro.com