Upcoming this 2024, GrainPro is pleased to announce its newest solution: the Compostable Hermetic Pouch™

With the present day calling for environmental action, many individuals and industries across the globe turn to making their operations more eco-friendly and sustainable. As a world-leading innovator, GrainPro continues to develop post-harvest solutions — incorporating and promoting sustainability at its core.


The GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™ is our new hermetic storage and transport solution made entirely of food-grade and renewable plant-based materials. This unique solution provides excellent airtight protection for 250 to 850 grams of sample sizes of valuable crops, including green coffee beans.

A guilt-free and eco-friendly way to preserve commodities, the GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™ is 100% compostable and leaves no microplastics behind. Used pouches can also be conveniently disposed of through home composting by following these few easy steps:


How To Dispose Of The Compostable Hermetic Pouch™

Step 1

Cut and tear

This will help accelerate the decomposition.

Step 2

Prepare the compost bin

Choose a sunny spot and ensure good drainage.

Step 3

Add to the compost bin

Place the torn pieces along with other compostable wastes.

Step 4

Moisturize and aerate

Keep it moist and regularly mix to provide oxygen.

Step 5

Patience and use

Allow the pouch to break down then use the compost to enrich the soil

The GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™ is now available starting April 12, 2024 — marking a new step and hope toward a more sustainable and foodful tomorrow.