GrainPro Announcement

We condemn the unlawful actions of Russia against Ukraine. As of today, all sales of GrainPro products and services in Russia are suspended.

We at GrainPro are one with the Ukrainian people. To give assistance, we are donating to the UNHCR, which is currently giving aid to some of the 2 million Ukrainian refugees, most of whom are women, children, and the elderly.

UNHCR also assists refugees forcibly displaced from conflicts across the globe, including Syria, South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Myanmar. Of the more than 82 million refugees globally today, 35 million are children (42%) under the age of 18. Developing countries host 85% of the world's refugees, led by Turkey, Colombia, Uganda, and Pakistan

We stand with the Ukrainian people in calling for peace, respect for sovereignty, and a return to diplomacy to solve all disputes.