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GrainPro is a partner of the most reputable names in the food security sector in reducing food losses, raising the quality of life among farmers and improving public health.

Most products do comply with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR 177.1520 Clause (c) (2.1) and EU10/2011 Phthalates Content with the EN 14372:2004
A Proud Associate of the IFOAM - Organics International, the only international umbrella organization for the organic world, uniting a diverse range of stakeholders contributing to the organic vision.
Manufacturing Plant of GrainPro Phils., Inc. is ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System for Design, Manufacture and Sales of Drying, Storage and Transport Solutions for Agricultural Produce


We request all our coffee, other than the vac-packed coffee, to be shipped in GrainPro and I think GrainPro has added several months' life to green coffees, especially from Central America. I would be very interested in shipping some smaller micro-lots in 15kg GrainPro bags, as I am not a true believer in vacuum packing and of course the cost is quite prohibitive!

Alan Tomlins

Small Batch Coffee Roasters | Managing Director

United Kingdom

My experience with GrainPro has been a key part to manage the specialty coffees because it has been useful for parchment coffee storage, exportation quality and handle of specialties. It is of benefit to achieve the preservation and extend the life span of the dry parchment coffee and make sure that the moisture content will be preserved at the moment of exportation.

Carlos Umanzor

Molinos de Honduras – Volcafe Group Coffee Division of ED&F MAN | Specialty & Sustainability


We have been fortunate to have great partners like Grainpro that have supported to scale.

Kola Masha

Babban Gona | Managing Director


For the price of a cup of great coffee…you can buy a GrainPro bag and keep 4000 cups of coffee tasting great.
May 6, 2014, Washington DC

Kim Elena Ionescu

Counter Culture Coffee |

Washington DC

In Olam Honduras, we have been many years that we export our specialty coffees in GrainPro bags, which guarantee the quality preservation during the long transit, or we are able to store the coffee beans for long time periods. We are very satisfied with the customer support and we consider that it is an excellent product.

Mayra Yessenia Torres

Olam | Logistics Coordinator

Honduras S.A. de C.V. Honduras

We have made only the best experience with GrainPro. The bags guarantee the quality and freshness of our specialty coffees.

Andreas Möller

ImpEx – Möller | CEO

Switzerland / Colombia

The only way we at Sphere Coffee Co can guarantee the best quality of our Specialty Colombian Coffee, it’s by using the best products available like GrainPro Bags.
The Quality, Freshness and Aroma kept intact from the Farms to your Cup!
The Team

The Team

Sphere Coffee Co |


Before switching to hermetic GrainPro bags, we lost about 2-3% of our coffee because it gained moisture in our warehouse… GrainPro was a revolution in the industry.

Alejandro Cadena

Caravela Coffee | CEO

United Kingdom/ Colombia