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Partnership in Ethiopia 

Request for Proposal
Representation of GrainPro Africa in the Ethiopian Grain Market



GrainPro, Inc.,a green, “not-only-for-profit” company, is driving a global revolution in safe storage and the drying of grains and seeds. Using the principles of Ultra Hermetic™ technology and modified atmospheres, GrainPro has grown to become a world-leader and a key proponent of the Second Green Revolution for – the proper storage, handling, and distribution of food commodities.

GrainPro’s line of sustainable and environment-friendly storage and drying solutions are designed to reduce post-harvest losses of dry agricultural commodities. GrainPro’s solutions are certified-for-organic use and do not require the use of any toxic chemicals; thereby, increasing the global supply, reducing hunger, eliminating health risks, and improving smallholder farmers’ incomes.

Trusted worldwide, GrainPro’s solutions are used in more than 100 countries. GrainPro’s staff of experts and professionals work closely with development organizations, governments, non-profit groups, and academic institutions.

Eradicating the cycle of hunger and poverty, especially in developing nations, is a huge challenge. GrainPro is doing its part to solve the problem, inspired by the idea of securing a brighter and a more food sufficient future.


About the RfP


GrainPro Africa intends to appoint non-exclusive distributors to represent its operations in Ethiopia. The two distributors will be focused on the grain sector ONLY. The appointed distributor will have a thorough understanding of the grain sector in Ethiopia. GrainPro will provide product training to the distributor teams assigned to work with the GrainPro Ethiopia Regional / Country manager.

GrainPro will also offer suitable commercial terms to the appointed distributors.


GrainPro Ethiopia Distributor Requirements


  • Track record of registration and operational presence in Ethiopia.
    Presence of an existing or intention to build an in-country distribution network.
  • Outline the team that will be dedicated to GrainPro representation in the country - including their CVs.
    Willingness to stock and market GrainPro products in the Ethiopian market.
  • Sufficient warehouse space to accommodate stock of GrainPro products ordered.
  • Demonstrate understanding and experience in the Ethiopian agriculture sector, specifically the grain sector. The experience should be through team or organization engagement in the sector, by trading, importing, exporting etc.
  • Demonstrate established relationships within Ethiopia agriculture value chain – financiers, policy makers, traders, farmers etc.
  • Clearly demonstrate the ability to finance the distributorship contract.
  • Importation of GrainPro products will require the distributor to have access to foreign currency allocation from the Ethiopian government. Towards this, the potential distributor should demonstrate the ability to access foreign currency for ease of doing business.
  • Demonstrate ability to lobby and get duty exemption for GrainPro products that are specifically focused on the Agriculture value chain.



Request for Proposal


GrainPro Africa is requesting interested organizations that meet the requirements to submit a proposal on how they are best suited to be GrainPro distributors in Ethiopia. The proposal should be structured to clearly address each of the requirements.


Submission and Review Process


  • Interested organizations are requested to submit a Letter of Intent (LoI) by 5th November 2021 registering their interest to bid.
  • A question and answer session, to provide a better understanding of GrainPro Africa will be scheduled on 10th Nov 2021 via Zoom, for the organizations that will have submitted LoI.
  • The full proposals should be submitted on or before 19th Nov 2021 and addressed to: Justus Alinaitwe ( and Irene Madumadu (
  • Review, shortlisting, and interviews with shortlisted organizations will be done by 24th Nov 2021.
  • Contracting is expected to commence by mid-December 2021.