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One of the significant factors to yield a bountiful harvest is the quality of seed being used as input.  While investing in quality seeds is the first step to ensure farm productivity, they may lose their germination and vigor as contributed by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and infestation during storage. Knowing how to store seeds while preserving their quality is crucial to minimize any negative impact.
A workshop called "Seed Fumigation and Preservation Workshop 2021 - Ensuring Better Seed Health" is being held in collaboration with UPL,  Gubba Seed Cold Storage, Grainpro, and Jardines, to aid seed producers and farmers from seed selection to storage. Attendees will benefit from the 2-days workshop by learning from the field experts how seeds can be maintained at their best quality and apply that knowledge in real-farm scenarios. The seminar-workshop will be held on 24-25 Feb 2021 at Gubba Y4, Yellampet, Medchal (T.S.) India.

It is a must-attend workshop for seed producers, farmers, and entrepreneurs. For more information on how to participate, please email us at /