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May 24th, 2017

LILO Fruits is not your typical fruit trading company. Based in Costa Rica, owners Kris Carvajal and Junior Quesada are passionate about employing innovative and improved ways to protect the quality of their organically-grown products. Their obsession gained the trust and confidence of their customers, both locally and abroad. One of the ways they safely preserve their coffee and turmeric, is by packing them in GrainPro® SuperGrainbags® (SGB) — an Ultra Hermetic™ liner with super low permeability to air and moisture.

The company grows organically different types of foodcrops at their Finca Lilo de Biolley, situated inside the largest rainforest park in Central America. The beautiful and lush location is perfect for growing various food crops that include various fruits-bearing trees such as lime, graviola, rambutan, banana, and coffee, and spices such as black pepper and their prized turmeric.

“LILO Fruits strives to inspire our buyers and our communities to lead an active, healthy lifestyle by offering simple and convenient options that are always fresh, safe and healthy,” explains Jennifer Long, a partner and spokesperson. Their commitment to their customers, farmers and the communities they belong to motivates them to utilize bio-intensive, bio-dynamic and permaculture techniques to ensure that they have the best, healthiest, cleanest, and the freshest offerings.

However, protecting their organically-grown commodities against insects and fungal growth is a major cause of concern. This is when LILO Fruits began using SGBs.

Other similar companies would’ve resorted to chemical fumigation. A common problem among companies that promote organically-grown commodities is that they employ inorganic measures along their production processes. Chemicals tend to kill adult insects, but leave eggs to develop and do damage later. Additionally, chemical residues are left on the commodities, which are eventually ingested by consumers. These are some of the reasons why international regulations are implementing tighter policies on the use of chemical fumigants on food crops.

The SuperGrainbag is just one of many Ultra Hermetic solutions developed by GrainPro. It’s an affordable liner bag designed to protect dried agricultural commodities against infestation and mold growth, while preserving freshness and aromatic qualities for more than a year. What’s more is that using the SGB can kill all insects, including their eggs, without chemical fumigation.

“We’ve had positive results from using the GrainPro bags (SGB) in shipping roasted coffee and powdered turmeric,” says Long. She described that they store the commodities in double layered SGBs for added protection. “I am happy that the bags organically control insects without any chemical residues. GrainPro truly pleases us!”

The combination of the quality of their products’ and their handling make them stand out in the market. They have big plans ahead, too. Organic medicinal food products made of raw materials grown from the region are already in the works.

It’s all about quality. Through Ultra Hermetic storage, LILO Fruits has a sustainable way to safely preserve quality without putting in chemicals that could harm those they serve their products to. The future is looking bright for LILO Fruits.


December 21st, 2016

Hellen Irungu, Farm Concern International (FCI) staff giving a Super Grain Bag (GrainPro Hermetic Bag) to Mr. Willy Bett, the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

NAIROBI, KENYA – Farmers were urged to use hermetic storage bags during the National Campaign on Hermetic Storage Technology Road Show. The event, a collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture, USAID’s Kenya Agricultural Value Chain Enterprises (KAVES), and the Kenya Agricultural Livestock and Research Organization (KALRO), promoted hermetic technology use on November 16, 2016. The GrainPro® SuperGrainbag® (SGB) was one of the five hermetic innovations featured at the event.

The SGB is an Ultra Hermetic™ bag liner with extremely low permeability to air and moisture to stop infestation and inhibit the growth of aflatoxin-producing molds. It can safely preserve the quality of grains and seeds for more than a year without using harmful chemicals. The partners claimed that around three million bags could be saved from going to waste once farmers adopt the technology.

In 2014, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimated that about 30 percent of all food produced in Kenya goes to waste due to poor post harvest handling. “Reduction of post-harvest loss is an important strategy to ensure food and nutritional security and improve farmers’ incomes in a sustainable manner,” said Willy Bett, Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture.

Besides preservation, hermetic bags can also help inhibit the growth of aflatoxins which can lead to debilitating diseases when consumed in large quantities, thus benefiting both farmers and consumers. To encourage its wide use, the partners are asking the Kenyan government to remove the 16 percent VAT charged on hermetic bags.